Plastic Part Injection

We focused on three main pillars so that your products are successful: Innovation , Efficiency and Quality.

We have a ‘’Lean’’ structure and high-end devices with low power consumption and high automation, which allows us to have a high efficiency in the production process.

We have artificial vision systems prepared for the production of high precision technical parts.

We inject parts using all types of thermoplastic polymers from PS to PES, having also capacity and experience in Bi- injection, IMD (In- Mold Decoration ) and overmolding the insert.

espatula antes e depois

The plastic injection is one of the fastest and efficient processes of plastic components production.

In CS Plastic we have a new and automated machine park which ensures the production of plastic parts with fast cycles and with little human intervention, achieving lower production costs.

We specialize in the production of plastic components of high precision and high cadence, but also have the flexibility to produce small series.