Product development

We are a highly qualified team, composed of Polymers Engineers and Designers, with capacity to develop and monitor your projects. From just an idea we materialize your product.

Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to develop products from design, through production of plastic components, electronics integration and full product assembly, without neglecting its packaging.

Using software CAD 3D and modeling and injection simulation software, our professionals can optimize their products and guarantee the quality of your plastic parts.

With our development process you have the following benefits:

  • Early identification and elimination of potential failure modes
  • Improving the quality of components, reliability and security
  • Reduced time and cost of developing the system

There are several types of plastic with different properties and thousands of references.

In CS Plastic we have Polymers Engineers with many years of experience that can help you in selecting the best suitable plastic for each application.

Over the years many were the pieces developed by our team, from small plastic components to complete systems. One of the areas in which we specialize is the replacement of metal components in plastic.